Sunday, 12 February 2012

Cue The 'Chariots Of Fire' Soundtrack

Well today's training session called for a timed 5k run.  I mapped out the run using the Map My Route software ( and then set off.  It was so bitterly cold so I wore a couple of underlayers which, by the end of the run, I was regretting as I was almost overheating so I won't be making that mistake again.   Anyway, as it was 'only' a 5k I thought I would push myself as hard as I could and have the following results to show for it:
Distance = 5k
Time = 28:09
Average Heart Rate = 173bpm

Very happy that I managed the run in under 30 minutes as that was the target I had set for myself.  My higher than usual heart rate hopefully shows that I was pushing myself harder than I have done before. 

The only real problem I came across is that I find it really hard to slow down my run once I get my groove on!  I tried to run as fast as I could but because of that every now and then I felt like I really needed to slow down for a few seconds but I found it virtually impossible to do so for some reason.  Therefore I ended up walking twice (only for a max of 10 seconds both times) just so that I could then start off my run a bit slower to give me the necessary recovery period.  So, this is something else I am going to have to work on.  I did also attempt a bit of a sprint finish but that wasn't happening either - the mind was willing but the body was definitely lacking.  

However, I am happy with my progress and I feel that I am now ready to attempt a parkrun hopefully next weekend if my other half is not working.  But, there is also a 10k race in my town next Sunday along the cycle track that I sometimes train on and I am so tempted to give it a go although I am a bit worried about being the last one home as there was no way I could've kept up today's pace for another 5k.  Oh decisions, decisions.   

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