Thursday, 31 May 2012

Mid-week Catch Up

And so another week in which I don't make regular updates on my blog has gone flying by ~ I honestly, truly don't understand where the time is going.  When you are young you never believe people who tell you that time goes past faster the older you get but damn right it does.  To be fair it has been a busy old week and that always seems to make time run away from you.  Without further ado let's catch up with my week:
Monday: Took a rest from running today, my legs though were surprisingly fresh feeling, I really thought I would ache far more than I did.  Went to see two houses at lunch time which had just come on the market.  Both of them in the same street and both of them really nice in their own way.  In fact, one of them I am very taken on and it made me appreciate how small, in comparison, Rowde was.

Tuesday:  Spent most of last night thinking about one of the houses I had seen and although I had second viewings lined up for both of them on Saturday, really think that the house could prove popular so I managed to persuade Other Half to finish work early and we viewed the house at 5.15pm.  The second viewing went even better, the house is lovely, a proper family home and we are very taken with it.  An offer will be going in tomorrow.

Club run again tonight, a special 'Cherhill Challenge' around Cherhill village where one of our members lives.  It was a really lovely run, over 95% of it off-road and although it was somewhat hilly, it was very doable and I managed to keep up.  Felt so much stronger than last Tuesday where I had the terrible run that actually made me so disheartened.  Did 8.06 miles tonight so really very pleased.

Wednesday: Two offers put forward on the house today, the first was rejected but the second accepted so hopefully we're on our way.  Mortgage adviser came round tonight to finish off the paperwork and the official application will be going in tomorrow.  With any luck the surveyor will be instructed next week so within the next couple of weeks we should have a formal offer in place.  Solicitor is on standby although I have asked her to hold off doing any searches (because they are so bloody expensive) until we have the offer on the table.  Part of me is hugely excited as it really is the almost perfect family home; it has lots of indoor space and, being semi-detached and on a corner plot, there is loads of outside space too.  The garden in fact is one of the great features of the house, being divided into distinct areas of patio, vegetable garden, flower borders and a large lawn area to the side.  It has been my dream for a long time to have a vegetable patch at home so this could be the answer to my dreams.  However, until we have that official offer I won't be able to rest easy.  Everything is very firmly crossed (which makes it a real bugger to type).

Did a five-mile run today, was pushing myself quite hard (or so I thought) but clearly not quite hard enough as I didn't manage to beat my PB for the route.  I did however manage to overtake another jogger and doing something like that still gives me a little thrill.  Sad I know.

Talking of thrills, another 3.5 pound loss at Slimming World tonight which just goes to prove I can get away with eating cake for breakfast EVERY SINGLE DAY as long as I run 33 miles a week!  Only another 2.5 pounds to go until I reach four stone ~ I am beyond stoked.

Thursday:  One day closer to the weekend thank God although I was knackered all day today; I cannot stop thinking about the house which makes going to sleep very difficult.  If I am honest, our offer on the Rowde property being turned down was actually the best thing to have happened.  I was never as excited about that property as I am about this one, in fact I did have quite a few reservations although it was a lovely house and it would have given us the village life we wanted; it would also have given us direct access to the school we wanted.  However, the new house is so much better in every way even though we have spent £7k more on it than we offered on Rowde but the extra cost really is worth it.  The best thing about it though, and what sold it to us more than anything, is that it is still in the catchment area of Rowde Primary School and, failing that, it is also in the catchment area of my preferred Devizes school so hopefully it's a win-win situation.  

Mortgage application has gone in today, on tenterhooks now until we get the official go ahead.  Of course, and typically, we are going to be hampered by the two-day Bank Holiday but I am hoping we still get an answer within the next fortnight.  There really shouldn't be any problems, the mortgage is with the Woolwich who are part of Barclays and we have both banked with Barclays for umpteen years and have a great credit history with them so I'm hoping it will go through as a fast-track.  Please keep your fingers crossed for us.

Running tonight was hard work, really wasn't in the mood but I still dragged my sorry arse down there.  Two of our regular runners, Nichola and Dave, are 'ultra' runners and regularly enter 30+ mile races.  Well they are doing a 30 mile training run on Sunday and guess which damned fool has agreed to join them?!  I am aiming to cover 13 miles, I think the 30 miles is way beyond me but if I could get to something approaching a half marathon distance I will be well pleased. 

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