Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Hello? [Knock, Knock] Anybody Still There?

Sorry for the radio silence but I have been busy visiting the parents on Sunday (spent longer driving there than I did on the actual visit but that's a whole other story).  The rest of the week has been spent tidying up the house following the decorating taking place at the weekend.  It's quite hard to fathom how dust just gets every-bloody-where no matter how hard you try to prevent it.  The kitchen looked like a builder's skip so a deep clean was called for.  This included emptying out all the cupboards of course, what a bloody job.  I have to say though after a whole night spent on it it fair gleamed.  Last night was the dining room's turn to get a good clean, new curtains hung, etc etc and now that looks lovely too.  Tonight I was meant to be cleaning the conservatory (my God, you would not believe how far the dust travelled) but quite honestly I really can't be arsed.  So night off tonight and tomorrow and will tackle the conservatory on Friday when OH is at work.

On other fronts I have been running this week, 8.5 miles yesterday and 7.2 miles today.  I am getting a bit tired of running in the dark (and the wind); Spring where the bloody hell are you?  I have noticed the nights starting to get a lot lighter which, whilst nice, is no bloody good to me when I run at 6am.  Bah humbug.

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  1. Lots of respect for these early morning starts! I really struggle to run in the mornings although your lovely pics (except the drenched and cold one!) is making me think I should start morning runs!