Thursday, 19 January 2012

What the ....?

Oh my God, what have I done?! Came back from Zumba last night (didn't go so well this week, felt very tired and lethargic, probably need to look at my Wednesday training plan) and tried looking for some 5k races to enter prior to the Race for Life in June. Well, it's surprisingly difficult to find 5k races, I think the distance must be regarded more as a 'fun run' (although what's fun about it I have yet to discover) and it seems as though if you want to be a more serious runner that the minimum distance is 10k. Anyway, having come to this startling realisation, I found a 10k race organised by the Rotary Club in the town I live in. Well, in what I can only describe as an exercise induced psychosis, I've only gone and entered the bloody thing haven't I?! It's on the 1st April and having checked the 10k training plans out there, it's an achievable target (apparently). I am currently on Day 13 of my 3-week training plan (today is a rest day - hurrah) and I was then going to follow the 5k training plan but have now decided to go straight to the 10k plan instead. The 10k training course is 8-weeks which gives me a few week's leeway as I have about 12 weeks in hand before the race. I'm actually quite excited about it if I'm honest, but I have never run for longer than half an hour and that is several years ago when I was at my fittest, so it's going to be a challenge to say the least. I certainly don't expect to be anywhere near the leaders, but it would be great to finish without too much walking involved. It's an off-road course around the grounds of a local stately home, I think it's also fairly undulating ... oh well, what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger.

The run last night was also surprisingly hard .... my legs were still tired from the night before I think but I managed it and I did push it again for the last two repetitions. I run around the outside of a football pitch and when I started running for two minutes I could barely manage a short and long side .... last night my average was two long sides and a short side so there is definitely a noticeable improvement. For my last attempt I tried to get the whole way round but fell short by about 10 yards which I was upset about but it gives me something to aim for.

Slimming World last night produced a 1.5 pound loss ..... bit disappointed, but then I've not been that brilliant with my eating last week. Aiming to do a bit better than that this week as I'd like to get the two stone target under my belt (another 1.5 pounds to go).

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