Saturday, 18 February 2012

Step Two, Three, Four ....

So yesterday's plans changed yet again and instead of the cycle ride I thought I would do a power walk instead.  This was mainly so I could take the dog with me; I don't really trust him with the bike as he has an alarming habit of playing chicken with the front wheel.  Anyway, the plan was to do the cycle route from Calne to Chippenham (I really need to find another off-road route around here) and then get the bus back.  All went according to plan, the walk was really nice - mapped it out to be 7 miles which I completed in just under 1 1/2 hours so walking around the 12 minute mile pace.  Pretty happy with that all in all.  When I got back I treated myself to a doughnut and oh boy, was it good.

This morning I drove to Swindon's Great Western Shopping Centre as I have a couple of interviews looming and desperately needed a suit so that I can dress to impress.   It was not a promising start; I set off bright and early to avoid all the crowds and I found the shopping centre easily enough - I got there at 9.15am, shops didn't open until 10am!  Luckily Costa Coffee was open so decided to get something to drink whilst waiting.  Trouble is my heart sinks when going into coffee shops.  I really like coffee, in fact nowadays I much prefer it to tea, however I just like my coffee bog-standard - one spoonful of coffee granules, fill with hot water and top up with semi-skimmed milk.  As soon as I walk into a coffee shop though and take one look at their menu board I come out in a cold sweat.  The choice of coffees is bewildering and I never know what to ask for.  Rather than be bombarded with "would you like a mocha choca, skinny latte, triple-shot with extra added ooomph" I settled for a cup of tea - much easier all round.

First stop on the suit hunting tour was Next - having found two contenders I foolishly asked where the changing rooms were only to be informed that "Next Clearance Outlets do not have changing rooms but I could always return clothes to my nearest High Street Next". WTF?  Slight problem there, Swindon is my nearest town with a Next!  I shoved the suits back on the rails in a huff and wandered off to find the M&S Outlet store.  All I can say is that M&S not only managed to provide one changing room, but actually several of them including an extra-large disabled cubicle.  Way to go M&S. 

Within 10 minutes I managed to buy a black shift dress, matching black jacket, 3 x pairs of tights and a green handbag all for the relatively tidy sum of £65.  Very happy with my purchases and even more happy that I am now two dress sizes smaller than I was at the beginning of my Slimming World journey.  Might I actually start to enjoy clothes shopping a bit more now?  Nah, it's still bloody hell on earth.   

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