Friday, 2 March 2012

Friday Catch-Up (Again)

It's a good job I didn't volunteer for the February blogathon as clearly I am not very good at keeping my blog up-to-date.  I did have some vague ambition of blogging every day but time just seems to slip past so fast and before I know it I've missed a day.  Anyhoooo, here I am now for a quick catch-up so that I can keep track of progress.
Wednesday: Slimming World!  Wasn't sure what the verdict would be this week as I have been very slack on using the Wii and normally I use that to gauge any potential weightloss (although it never seems to be that accurate however hard I try to place it in exactly the same spot every time).  Well, I was rewarded with a 2.5 pound loss taking my total so far to 2 st 8.5 lbs and meaning I got a lovely green certificate to celebrate getting to 2.5 stone.  Only another 4 pounds to go to hit my interim target of 11 stone whereby I shall then have another measure to check on progress.

Thursday:  I have a job!  The agency rang at lunchtime to say the interview had gone well but not quite good enough to get the Project Manager job (not surprising really as I have never actually been a PM - guess they must've seen through my bullshitting!)  However, they were impressed enough to offer me a role as Project Support Officer which I have accepted (but, once again, never having been a PSO I have absolutely no only a vague idea of what the job involves).  Still, Monday 12th March will find me standing at the door of the Police Headquarters in Devizes ready to seize this new opportunity that has been presented to me.  However, we now have the headache of what to do about the kids and getting someone to look after them so Other Half can carry on working too.  At the minute it looks as though the best option financially is actually for him to give up work as the nursery is going to cost around £1900 a month which, quite frankly, is a pretty obscene amount of money and would mean him going to work just to fund the nursery.  Decisions, decisions.

Tonight was also club night which I struggled to get the motivation to do.  But, having managed to get my bum in gear, it turned into the following session:

1600m x 3

And I found it really tough.  Although I am now up to running for 6 miles, that's at my comfortable pace and sustaining any kind of speed, even over a relatively short distance, is something that I continue to struggle with.  However, I shall not be beaten so next Thursday will find me hill training with the Club which is possibly a combination of the two worst things ever - hills and running at speed.          

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