Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Another dreadmill run this morning, the pavements and roads are getting better but there is still the odd patch of ice around and I don't see the point of risking injury when I have access to the gym.

My plan today was to better my time from yesterday for the 10k.  I set off much quicker, keeping a higher average pace and increasing the speed more regularly than yesterday.  Time checks showed:

4k = 22:28
8k = 43:43

And then at 9.6k when running at 12.2 kph disaster struck; I accidently knocked the emergency stop button and the treadmill, understandably, ground to a halt.  My heart sank, what an extraordinarily stupid thing to do.  If I'm honest, I'm surprised it's not happened before, I do have a naughty habit of running too close to the front of the machine and I often brush against the stop button with my right hand but I have been lucky so far that I've not activated it.  Unfortunately my luck run out today.  I am really gutted, as I was definitely on for a better time than yesterday and my plan was to increase by .1 of a kilometre for every .10 of a kilometre that I had left so was aiming to finish at 12.5 kph.  At least I have my two time checks and on that basis I am going to estimate that I would have completed in 54:43.  It is a hollow feeling though and means that in the next couple of weeks I am going to have to try again so that I get a proper time check. 

Tomorrow I will be doing a slow run and then taking Friday and Saturday off ready for my 25 miler on Sunday. 

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