Monday, 16 January 2012

Latest Training Session

Got an email yesterday from the running site I belong to and from which I get my training plans for the day and it said something along the lines of 'today is an easy day'. My heart leapt as I assumed that meant it was a rest day but no joy ..... it just meant that it was an easier run! So yesterday's run was as follows:

Day 9: Run 2 minutes, walk 1 minute x 6

Yes, it was meant to be an easy run but I still struggled with it. It's never my breathing, it's always that my legs start to feel like lead and towards the end I am very sluggish. Unfortunately I am not what you would call a natural runner, I don't particularly enjoy it but I know that it is doing me good and I am a very competitive person so I am determined to get better at it. My interim goal is to be able to run a 5k at a reasonable speed - around 30 minutes or so. Now I know I can do this as this is what I worked up to last time I went on a fitness drive ..... admittedly this was 6 years ago (and about 2 stones lighter) but it's not like it was in ancient times!

Another issue I am having is that I am currently doing a lot of timed running / walking interval training and I am having a problem with the best way of timing these intervals. I am currently using a kitchen timer counting down in one-minute segments but this is far from ideal as I have to reset it after every minute (although this is only a case of pushing two buttons admittedly) but it does mean having to keep a mental count of what minute I am running (for example when running for 3 minutes at a time) but more importantly I seem to be focusing more on the counting rather than getting into the flow of the run.

I have asked for some advice from the jogging forum I belong to so I am waiting to hear from them as to what device would be best for me to get - once I have completed this training course I will be going onto the 5k training programme which I assume will involve a lot more interval training so it's something I do need to get sorted.

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